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Top 13 Most Creative Small Businesses in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq or Kurdistani Bashur as known among Kurds has been facing a lot of financial crises in the past decade. However, this did not stop the youth from coming up with creative and experimental business initiatives. We have put a list together for you to check out their small businesses and products. These are the Top 13 most creative small businesses in Kurdistan. 

Disclaimer: The following list is listed randomly as each business is unique in its own respect. Click on the names to be sent to the Instagram-pages.

1 – Fermka Online

Fermka Online started at the beginning of the pandemic. It started as online language courses in a time when Kurdistan was on a strict lockdown and people couldn’t attend classes in person. Since then, they have been providing courses for languages like English, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, and many more! They even started a new venture after the pandemic which is Fermka Sports Academy, they teach sports like basketball and football to children.

2 – GashasDoodles

GashasDoodles started as a mystic, Gothic, dark and psychedelic painting on canvas. Her business soon blew up and now, almost every bar, restaurant, and lounge that you go to in Slemani will have an artwork of her hanging on the wall if she hasn’t painted the whole wall yet.

3 – Soza Drawings

Soza also started with paintings, however, along with her paintings on canvas she explored painting on clothes, phone cases, shoes, metal necklaces, postcards, and bookmarks. She can turn any boring-looking piece of outfit into a cool unique looking customized piece! Her Fallen Angel painting on the jeans jacket is my absolute favorite.

4 – Avin Handworks

Avin has been in the field for a long time, but she started her own small business just a few years ago. She makes everything from masks, pieces of jewelry to big size swings! The big handmade swings are my favorite. Imagine chilling in one of them, and you read, work or even study from home! It is just so hippie. And for the masks, you just have to see them for yourself to see the details and time that went into them.

5 – Savan.Kurdistan

Now, of course, we can’t forget every Potter Heads favorite shop in the region! Savan Kurdistan makes anything that you ever wanted to have! The magic wands, the scarfs, the envelopes, the spells, the badges. Literally, everything you ever wanted! Each piece is unique and made with great care. They are all handmade and of high quality. You might not visit Hogwarts soon, but Hogwarts can come to you thanks to her!

6 – Suli Skate Shop

Skating has always been a subculture lifestyle in Kurdistan. Skaters always struggled with not having suitable skate parks and quality skates. However, after the opening of the first skate park in Slemani SuliSkateShop came and changed the game when it came to quality skateboards. They are the first skate shop in Iraq and Kurdistan that provides skateboards and products this high in quality. They also make sure their products are affordable and durable considering the youth demography.

7 – JoJo’s Cookiebar

I will start right off by saying that these are going to be the most delicious cookies you will ever taste in your life. When Jojo started her business a few years ago, it took off like wildfire in the city. Everyone wanted a piece of the cookies. You would just order and wait impatiently for them to be delivered. And they have every single flavor that your heart desires. Trying them is a must.

8 – Diya’s Healthy World 

At Diya’s Healthy World good taste and health finally and truthfully come together. Their meals consist of healthy and organic products. They have a massive catalog of meals that you can try for the rest of your life and never get bored! You can also buy from their diverse range of organic products directly. They deliver your meal the way you want it, tasty and full of energy. 

9 – Lilli Put

Lilli Put is one of the most interesting shops you will ever walk into. They specialize in making carefully detailed mannequins of you, your face, or any other objects on demand. If you are looking for a unique artifact to take back home with you and remind you of Kurdistan, then this is the place that you are looking for.

10 – Bamboo Bazaar

Bamboo Bazaar is your vegan dream come true. They let you show how environmentally responsible you are through your smile! This is because they make toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other products from vegan-friendly and environmentally responsible materials. Taking a look at their toothbrush, you see a simple and beautifully designed vintage brush that makes using it a satisfying experience!

11 – Ciwale 

Ciwale is a local skincare and cosmetics brand based in Slemani, Kurdistan. Their products are natural, organic, and cruelty-free. Both women and men benefit from Çiwale since most of the products can be used by everyone. The products include lip balm, cream perfume, moisturizer, hand cream, and many more! The products also come in nicely wrapped packages that add to their aesthetics as cosmetic and skincare products.

12 – Daisy Crafts

Do you remember the sewing tools and crochet your old grandma used to do? Well, Naz brings that nostalgic feeling back to reality. She started Daisy Crafts at the young age of 18 and while she’s still a college student she managed to develop a small homegrown business out of sewing and knitting. You can check her amazing handmade products on her Instagram page. But for now, we will leave you with this wonderful blue butterfly of hers.

13 – Suly Street Wear (SSW)

Suly Street Wear is an online shop specializing in finding the best and most unique items in thrift shops and selling them online. Their styles are all hip, and the youth loves them. They bring in new stuff every week at affordable prices so make sure you are up to date on their Instagram account because they sell out in hours every time!

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