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About us

Passarname, i.e. “Book of the Abyss”, was inspired by the important work on Kurdish history “Sharafname”, i.e. Book of Honor, by Şerefxanê Bidlîsî.

What characterizes the history of the Kurds is that they are victims of anti-Kurdish racism all over the world. Due to the status of a “stateless” minority they are often overlooked, even in the diaspora. But Kurdish authors, artists and projects are not taken into account either. However, these contribute to keeping Kurdish culture alive and moving society forward. The mission statement of Passarname is to educate Kurds and all interested people about our history, social issues, culture, special (celebration) days and people. This is the origin of our publishing house, which also supports Kurds worldwide in publishing their projects as books, magazines, audio books, calendars, posters and the like.

Passarname thus concentrates exclusively on being a contact point for projects with, about and for Kurds and Kurdistan.

An important concern of our publishing house is to support artists. The Kurdish culture and language lives through the expression of art. Therefore, Passarname aims to financially support Kurdish artists and their projects.


Founder and CEO
Passar Hariky

Political Scientist

JuJu Vert

Professional Meower
Good Boy