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Year Planner 2024 / 2636 – Qazî Mihemed


  • Kurdish year planner
  • Kurdish and Gregorian calendar
  • German, English and Kurdish
  • History of Qazî Mihemed and the Republic of Kurdistan
  • To-do list
  • Kurdish words to learn
  • Sayings and quotes about Kurds and Kurdistan

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Our Kurdish year planner will help you plan and organize all year long. Whether it’s for your personal life, school and university, or your job, our Kurdish year planner offers you the opportunity to customize it to suit you, your daily life, and your plans.

With the pleasant weekly plan, which offers you the perfect overview of your week, you can enter all important dates and events. We have included a to-do list every week to give you the best possible everyday helper. We have also included enough space for your own notes. With the project planning calendar you can prepare yourself for work or study and in the address list you have enough space to add friends, colleagues or important contacts. Learn two Kurdish words every week. You will find the translation every week on the sidebar. As well as the quotes section, where you will learn two famous Kurdish quotes or sayings every week.

But that’s not all! Our calendar is very special, if not unique. The year planner shows both the year 2024 according to the Gregorian calendar and the year 2636 according to the Kurdish calendar. You can find all weekdays and months in German, English and Kurdish.

In the year planner you will find not only the official holidays of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava Kurdistan) and the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq (Bashur Kurdistan), but also the most important holidays and commemorations of the political parties from Bakur and Rojhilat Kurdistan and religious holidays from Alevism, Christianity, Ezidism, Islam, Judaism and Yarsanism.

This year’s cover is Qazî Mihemed, the founding father of the Republic of Kurdistan. In the year planner, you will find the story of Qazî Mihemed and the Republic of Kurdistan retold. Who was the founding father and what did he leave behind? Why is he called “Peshawa” and why is he so important for the Kurds? Learn Kurdish history with the Kurdish year planner.


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